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Please support the Mystic Music Radio
This station is not run for profit. I raise money only to cover the bandwidth bills, which are significant. Mystic Music Radio is made available to anyone who wishes to listen thanks to financial support from listeners like you.

It cost a lot to support this station so any help you can give will be used to keep this station going for you.

Below you can find more information on how you can help support your station.

Thank you to all our listeners that support this station, you have made this station your home and want to keep it going. We will keep this going as long as you are here.



Mystic Music Radio is 100% listener supported. To keep Mystic Music Radio on the air and ad free. Click The Donation Button below.



If you would prefer to donate by check use the address below.

Make checks payable to:

Mystic Technologies
3338-L1 Country Club Rd
PMB # 148
Valdosta, Ga 31605

When you donate...

  • You help others discover and experience MMR Radio

  • You keep the station commercial-free

  • You can have your name listed on the website (Only done at your request)

  • You can have your company ad placed on our site for one month (Donations of $20.00 = 1 month, $50.00 = 3 months, $75.00 = 6 months, $100.00 = 9 months, More then $100.00 will receive you 1 year or more. You will receive an email letting you know how long.)

How the money is spent...
100% of the money raised is spent on the station's operating costs. Those expenses include servers in two data centers across the USA which support up to 1,700 concurrent listeners, new music and technology required to deliver the audio.

How the money is NOT spent...
No donations are kept as profit - MMR Radio is my hobby. I don't take any personal

income from donations. If we exceed our goal, leftover money is applied towards the following month.




Mystic Music Radio is 100% listener supported. To keep Mystic Music Radio on the air and ad free. Click The Donation Button below.



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